Meet our DJ Trivia Hosts!

In no particular order

Kevin Barbare
Voice Actor
(Tuesday's @ Funky Murphy's Worcester / Wednesday's @ Brew City / Thursday's @ J.Anthony's)

KEVIN BARBARE is a voice actor and Boston radio personality who has been heard on everything from toy commercials and video games, to movie trailers and documentaries. A South Carolina native, Kevin is often hired as a “sound alike” for dozens of next time you hear Sam Elliot, Morgan Freeman, or Patrick Stewart (among others) think MIGHT be hearing him instead! Kevin once hosted a trivia night dressed as Captain Jack sparrow entirely in character!

Mary Knight
Coffee Addict
(Tuesday's @ Funky Murphy's in Marlboro / Thursday's @ Mill City Pub in Fitchburg)

MARY KNIGHT is a former New England radio DJ who has a passion for music and hosting events. She brings the fun (and the gift cards!) to DJ Trivia each week, and loves getting to know her trivia teams. When not behind the microphone, Mary likes to watch crime dramas, and is a very average, beer-league softball player. She also has a high-energy, loveable 7 year old, and a major coffee addiction.

Keri Tremblay
Ben Folds 5 Groupie
(Tuesday's @ UNO Leominster / Wednesday's @ Happy Jack's Leominster)

KERI TREMBLAY filled out her DJ Trivia application as a joke and now can't imagine NOT being a trivia night host. She grew up in NY with her 7 other siblings which probably explains why she is comfortable on a microphone in a packed bar. Everything from hiking to biking, watching cartoons and true crimes, Keri has an infectious personality that her trivia teams love which is why they keep coming back week after week! 

John Doherty
OHAC Pick Up All Star
(Tuesday's @ Blacksheep Tavern Sterling)

JOHN DOHERTY is the Kwai Chang Caine of trivia in these parts, with all other hosts being mere grasshoppers. Despite being long in the tooth, he is not world-weary and brings unbridled enthusiasm to each game he hosts. As a college radio DJ and chronic music geek, John takes pride in preparing musical song clues that help teams unravel the answer without hitting them over the head. "The music is the secret sauce," says John. "Playing trivia is an event, a night out with family and friends. It should feel like a party every time!"

Boudreau, Kevin Headshot.jpeg
Kevin Boudreau
Nickname: "Bam Bam"
(Thursday's @ Columbia Tavern)

KEVIN BOUDREAU is a native of Leominster, Massachusetts who has a passion for both music and performing. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Fitchburg State University in May 2013, and earned his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from The Catholic University of America in May 2018. Kevin is an avid vocalist and acoustic guitarist, and is thrilled to be a part of the superb trivia team at World Record DJs!

Mike Tarara
Married a girl named Sara (let it sink in)
(Thursday's @ UNO Westborough)

As voiced by Christopher Walken: 

Mike knows HOW to rock a mic…. like a vandal. 

It started way back. In histo-ry, with a ROCK… AAF, and he, Mike T. But on a more serious note, this mic, this mic is his birthright, and after 10 years of podcasting (’d be damned if anyone would put their greasy hands on his birthright, so he hid it in the one place he knew he could hide something...his DJ Trivia backpack.

Cam Gallien
President of The Rick Astley Fan Club
(Tuesday's @ Quinn's Irish Pub Worcester)

CAM GALLIEN started on the wedding side of things but is now a mainstay at Quinn's Irish Pub. Quick fun fact, Cam was Matt's "summer camp kid" 20 years ago and definitely knew from the age of 8 he would eventually work for Matt as a trivia night DJ. He is a Worcester State grad with a Bachelors in Communications. He is a producer and board operated for WCRN radio. He bleeds Bruin black & gold and loves building friendships with trivia players via witty inside jokes. To learn more about Cam click HERE

Nate Briggs
"The Mayor" of Grafton
(Wednesday's @ Reunion Tap & Table Grafton)

NATE BRIGGS is the youngest host on the team as he is still in High School. Nate is a Grafton native and although he may be wet behind the ears, Nate loves hosting trivia every week and the relationships he is able to build with his regulars. He treats every game of trivia like a special performance filled with dancing, singing, and boatloads of obscure 80's songs. Nate loves hosting trivia and as John Lithgow once said "A magicians best friend is a drunk audience".

Dan Reidy
Woo Sox Cameraman Extraordinaire
(Currently in the bullpen)

DAN REIDY is a Worcester, MA native who graduated from Worcester State in 2018 with a degree in Communication. After deciding he wanted to be more on the broadcasting side of things he attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Newton, MA. While he’s working on starting his broadcast career Dan is happy to be a part of the team. He’s excited to host some trivia and help out at weddings.

Scott Souza
(Witty fun fact in production)
(Currently in the bullpen)

SCOTT SOUZA is a Writer, reporter and storyteller and has been for the last 25 years. He was in the locker room when the Celtics won the NBA championship in Boston in 2008, and lost Game 7 in LA in 2010. The following quotes are Scott Souza originals. All trademarks and copyrights are pending approval:

"If my answers frighten you, then you should cease asking scary questions."

"It's never an inappropriate time of year for Christmas music."

Franklin Siplas
1994 MVCS Kindergarten Poetry Champion
(Took a seat on the bench)

FRANKLIN SIPLAS is THE DJ Trivia Central Mass OG. Stage manager, audio engineer, and tequila connoisseur Franklin is a has been hosting and slinging self-deprecating humor since 2016. While he’s not on the regular roster of hosts right now, he’s available to fill in when your usual trivia spot needs a last-minute emcee. Send a margarita his way if you want bonus points (just kidding, that’s cheating, you delinquent).
Josh Brown
1st Car - 1986 Plymouth Horizon
(Tuesday's @ Scruffy Murphy's)

JOSH BROWN grew up in Holden and moved to Worcester after graduating from Cambridge College. Josh got thrown into the DJ Trivia fire and is now an Scruffy Murphy's technology expert! He has a masters in education and works with kids and teens at The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester. He is as a big fan of Denzel, Rosario, Boston sports but a bigger fan of his teenage daughter. You might find a lot of Mighty Mighty Bosstones in his weekly playlists. 

Jeremy Barbato
Cat Lover
(Tuesday's @ The Ox Bar & Grill)

JEREMY BARBATO is the longest tenured DJ Trivia Central Mass host. He is a lawncare technician by day, trivia host phenom by night. He dabbled on The DJ Bingo circuit but prefers more of a mental sweat. He enjoys golf, soccer, hiking and playing with his cats, Otis & Juliet. A nerd by nature, Jeremy has a thorough love for mathematics, D&D, Calvin and Hobbes and his cats. He has been known to show little mercy to his chess opponents. Also, Jeremy loves his cats. 


PS: Meow.